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Academic titles

some title dealers promise graduate degrees from academic institutions, but those papers are nothing but unscrupulous forgeries. Others peddle graduate papers from institutions which don’t remotely live up to central European standards, essentially making a mockery of their usage or approaching legality in their original form at best. In the final analysis, only scientific achievement opens the door to academic titles. Hence the distinction between academic and honorary titles; the title of “Honorary Professor Doctor, Honorary Professor, and Honorary Doctor such as doctor of metaphysics” or any other honoree title, it´s legal to wear since there is no credible scientific evidence which would justify protection of such nebulous appellation. It is an entirely different story in academia.

Ecclesiastical titles
the ministries for cultural affairs of the states agreed in April 2000 that ecclesiastical degrees commonly offered on the web may be legally bear. Fact is: many people are apt to overlook that those titles are not the academic kind, ecclesiastical ones instead; therefore, a distinction must be drawn. Purchased academic titles may not be appended to your name, as opposed to those of ecclesiastical origin, which are conferred in exchange for a donation. In August 2004, the Ministry of Science issued a directive agreeing with the conference of cultural affairs ministries, while elaborating on the conditions for holding such degrees. The transcripts clearly show that applicable ecclesiastical degrees may be displayed and/or worn to the extent they will not be mistaken for an academic degree; therefore you must add Honorary to your title, as shown here Professor Doctor Honoris causa (Prof.Dr.h.c.), Professor Honoris causa (Prof.h.c.), Doctor Honoris causa (Dr.h.c.) with their original source and issuing agency being identified. A nostrification is no longer possible or needed.

The degrees concern honorary ecclesiastical designations and not academic degrees. Wearing the title and displaying it in your official documents is legal, however in some parts of Europe there may be some restrictions, but note it can be displayed. Worldwide, and especially in the USA, all titles may be used without restrictions.


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